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Trans_Poc: A Community for Trans/GQueer/Questioning People of Color

A Safe Space for Support, Friendship, Acceptance, and Discussion.

A Community for Trans/GQueer and Allies of Color.
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Select Members , Moderated
Welcome to trans_poc

This is a community for People of Color who are transgendered, transsexual, genderqueer, two-spirited, bigendered, multigendered, genderneutral, third-gendered, intersexed, partners of people who are TG/Q/IS, people struggling with their own gender identity/expressions, people undergoing surgery/hormone therapy, TG/Q/IS/POC activists, supportive POC allies, family members, friends, and educators. trans_pocTrans_Poc is here for you as a discussion forum, a community, an information exchange center, an advice network, a support system, a family, and friends. We are a small and often dispersed community in "real life", let's have a solid internet community.


An important note: There is currently open membership for this community. However, This community is for Peoples of Color, and this is fundamentally a safe space.

The community was created by Motherginsbergmotherginsberg and is co-maintained by cueduscuedus. Please feel free to contact Motherginsbergmotherginsberg by email at joassma@yahooo.com, i.e. for any concerns, questions, comments, suggestions, or hellos. Also, please take a look at our expanding queer people of color sibling communities, of which cueduscuedus is the creator/moderator of.

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